About Us

About Us

The Markham Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of diverse and dedicated teens representing the fabric of Markham’s youth community. We are dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating youth, as well as being an active voice in the City of Markham. The MMYC is a branch of the Markham Council run by youth. It is comprised of youth, Markham Councillors and the Mayor of Markham. The purpose of the MMYC is to provide local youth a voice by which they may give input and develop initiatives to enhance youth opportunities within the City of Markham.


  1. The MMYC shall act in an advisory capacity, and provide advice on issues of concern to youth.
  2. The MMYC shall act in an advocacy role, and provide new ideas and views to council and staff.
  3. The MMYC shall raise awareness in the community through planned events.
  4. The MMYC shall encourage youth participation within the community.

I am inspired by the commitment of the youth of today to building a better future for our community.

Frank Scarpitti, Mayor of Markham
Mayor Scarpitti's Picture